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It's back.

UN1T Admin posted Jul 14, 14
Pixelmon and hexxit are back up and running.
fatyg5 pmodDonorOnline Well... Kinda seems like something doesn't like me. Cwashed after I joined Q_Q
ElGuapoGatos Player And its down again ...

Pixelmon Downtime.

UN1T Admin posted Jul 14, 14
The Pixelmon server is currently experiencing some technical issues, the server will be down until these issues are resolved.

Check back here for more information.

Tournament Night!

UN1T Admin posted Jun 21, 14
This week the restrictions are...

Your pokemon must be of the Ground type
No MAXIMUM or MINIMUM level caps

Tournament Results!

UN1T Admin posted Jun 8, 14
Last nights tournament results can be found here.

Tournament night!

UN1T Admin posted Jun 7, 14
Tonight there will be a...

Level 100 MAXIMUM
Level 70 MINIMUM
No Potions/Revivies/Heals (item)

It is a Round Robin again this week so everyone plays the same number of matches (one against every other competitor) however there will only be a maximum of 10 participants this week.

Make sure you are early as the 10 places in this weeks tournament are first come first serve.
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