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Chest Shop.

UN1T AdminOnline posted Apr 11, 14  -  MinecraftPixelmon
Chest shops are currently disabled.

They should be re-enabled shortly after we sort them out, new shops cannot be created at this time.
UN1T AdminOnline Chests were only removed if empty and new ones could not be made.
mcstreet Donorelite siroinkalot had a whole chest shop with all good iteams with it and it got destroyed and also his plot was cleared even ...
darrentrites Player and I deff didn't get the money if redd is right, balance is still the same from what I remember

Change your password!

cooldog99 Admin posted Apr 10, 14
Mojang recently published some interesting information about how password security was possibly compromised. You should all change your passwords if you haven't yet!

This applies to ALL Mojang servers and/or applications. 

Thank you. - Cooldog

Last chance to win!

UN1T AdminOnline posted Apr 8, 14  -  MinecraftPixelmonPrizesWebsite
There is approximately 12 hours left to submit your idea for what the prize for beating the gyms should be!

The best idea will be given a prize so go check it out here

Edit: Keeping thread open for final submissions for yet another 10 hours.

Another Pixelmon update! 3.0.4

UN1T AdminOnline posted Mar 31, 14  -  MinecraftPixelmonserverUpdate

Server is now updated to Pixelmon version 3.0.4 (latest).

Find the changelog here, find the reason for the update on here.

Have fun!
MugenSega Player alright it is now fixed it turns out it was a problem with the antivirus. Shoulda known that was the problem instantly A ...
MugenSega Player alright ill try both of those things (cool and mirage) and we will see what we get thnx for the help guys lets hope for ...
Mirage6 Player I think i had that problem for this update? It said forge error; and then it said something else.. But I had copied the ...

Pixelmon Update!

UN1T AdminOnline posted Mar 28, 14
Pixelmon server is now running Pixelmon version 3.0.3 (latest)

Please update your client/modpack to join the server
MugenSega Player those AI guys that dont do much
mcstreet Donorelite what do u mean by TRAINER
MugenSega Player trainer vision if i remeber correctly from the pixelmon vids is the vision in which trainers can battle with you. Some s ...
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