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Happy New Year!

jd210 Owner posted Jan 1, 15
Happy New Year to everyone from JWL, to celebrate we're giving you 25% off ALL donation packages
radangus Player I was banned umm can someone help It was by server ' Greifing, No appeal" by Null. Plz help me I am sorry if I grei ...

Christmas time is coming!

UN1T AdminOwnerAdminAdmin posted Dec 1, 14
Over the next few weeks you will see the current map having christmas additions added to it and there may even be some cool festive themed events you can join in with!

Keep an eye out and have fun!
ChickenSlapps23 elite hi I'm active again
punkout90 elite how do we sign up for the Christmas building contest? I got a link from faty but it linked me to the vote on server upda ...

Looking for server improvement suggestions!

UN1T AdminOwnerAdminAdmin posted Oct 22, 14
I'm looking for you wonderful players of the JWL community to give us some feedback on the Pixelmon server, we know it's not perfect but it's hard to know what would be good to change and what to just leave as is.

All suggestions are welcome, just add a reply to this thread.
mastergert Player how do i appeal my banned
Epicmario2000 elite pickel hoppers cant be allowed or minecart hopper cuase y=there used to get in poeples chests
MayorDan LegendInactive New rock gym leader...
MasterPoops   created a new thread unmute me please in the Pixelmon forum
Naomori Rookie  created a new thread Just a little fun game? in the Convo Caffee forum
KoleMadsen Rookie  created a new thread anoying and bad in the Pixelmon forum
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