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I'm looking for you wonderful players of the JWL community to give us some feedback on the Pixelmon server, we know it's not perfect but it's hard to know what would be good to change and what to just leave as is.

All suggestions are welcome, just add a reply to this thread.
TeaMxGuNz Legend Removing the mod from the list of banned mods* sry
TeaMxGuNz Legend Removing the mod that changes the color of a pokes name would be a nice start I believe. Also maybe some new plugins to ...


UN1T Admin posted Oct 9, 14
A rising number of people are not receiving items that they donate to receive.

This is because you are not logging into the server before donating.

Can ALL users ensure that they ARE logged into the server before donating otherwise you will not receive any rewards.

AFK Machines

Recks Admin
Rex__ @ Pixelmon
posted Sep 27, 14
I would like to point out that AFK machines are not allowed for it bypasses our auto AFK kick which prevents people from achieving a higher played time resulting in a higher rank in a very cheatsy way. This can be bannable. 
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