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Donation Sale

jd210 Owner posted Thu at 19:27
Sale Ends Sunday!

Hurry to get those legendaries and supplies at reduced prices!


UN1T Admin posted Aug 23, 14
Supreme Champion: Middlearthfirst
Worthy Adversary: Poacy2
Maybe Next Time: fatyg5

4th place: BubbleMaster24

5th place tie: smeedypanda

9th place tie: XxXChubsXxX

Tournament Night!

UN1T Admin posted Aug 23, 14
The weekly official tournaments are back again (technically as of last week) and at their usual time of 7pm DST - or check this countdown

The rules are as follows -
  • Level cap - 45
  • No Potions/Revives
  • Held items are allowed
  • Elimination tournament (knockout - you lose, you are out.)

  • All Players welcome - simply look out for the call for names.
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